Join the Shine Bright Saginaw team as they embark on a transformative journey, converting a neglected silo complex into a magnificent public work of art. Their mission with the Shine Bright Saginaw Mural Project is multi-faceted, addressing community needs by revitalizing industrial blight, fostering community beautification, establishing a vibrant public arts and culture space, enhancing the Saginaw Riverfront, attracting tourism to support local businesses, and providing a fresh backdrop for some of Saginaw’s key community assets.

Guided by project leaders Mark Flegenheimer (President & CEO, Michigan Sugar) and Larry Preston (Co-Founder, President and CEO, Tri Star Trust Bank) and made possible though the Saginaw Community Foundation, the Shine Bright Saginaw Mural Project is a collaborative effort that requires your support. Help us secure a matching grant from the MEDC, and together, let’s cross the finish line to complete this extraordinary work of art and establish a new public space for the community!

More info on the Shine Bright Saginaw Mural Project HERE