MacK’s Recap!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Check out how I spent NYE HERE

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MacK’s dog, Vaeda

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Here are some things you may have missed this week!

I sure hope that Snoop has his medical card because he’s going to be a correspondent for the 2024 Olympics in Paris, and the greenery is only legal for medical purposes there! 
-Apparently there are some words and phrases that people want BANISHED in 2024 according to an annual list. Hack? Does this mean hack a lougie? Hack a lung? Or computer hack? OR… could it mean life hack? Either way, I think it should stay!
-We’re taking January and making it hairy. JanuHairy! I guess this is for the ladies, but I think everyone should stop waxing, shaving, and plucking for the whole month. I will not be participating though because I will be in California in less than two weeks and I just… for me personally… I’m going to be with friends I’ve only met in person once and I feel that maybe they won’t be ready for all of that. But you? Stay hairy my friend!
-I read this week that “Buddymoons” are a new trend and that people hate them. I guess it’s where you take family and friends with you on your honeymoon. Not sure that’s a great idea. BUT… then i thought to myself…our closest family and friends were with us at our elopement and we spent the following days with all of them. So i guess we had a “Buddymoon”??? UGH NOOOO

-If you were hoping to see Rage Against The Machine on Tour… hate to break it to you but their drummer Brad Wilk has announced that they are done touring FOR GOOD.
-Did you know the first basketball was a soccer ball? No? Now you do!
-If you hold onto or save all of your old calendars… just know that the 1996 calendar works for this year and people are on the damn HUNT for them! They’re selling on Ebay for up to $200. Don’t ask me though, I was only 3 years old in 1996.
-Imagine you just pulled out $4,000 in cash from the bank. You take it home and suddenly it’s missing. WHO STOLE YOUR MONEY?? Only to come to the conclusion that your dog ate it all. You’d think that this happened to me because my dogs are pretty naughty sometimes but thankfully it wasn’t me. Some couple in Pittsburgh. Don’t worry though, they got MOST of it back. They sifted through


loser looks cool in yellow

dog poop to get back $3,500. hahahaha

Not going to lie, I’ve got vacation brain. My wife and I are headed to Arizona and California to meet up with our friends and go to Disney Land in like a week! I’ve never been to the Land! I have been to the World but it will be my first time in California and Arizona and I am beyond stoked to hangout with them and see places I’ve never seen or been to before! Our friends are Disney Pros, so I’m really looking forward to it!

Hey! Did you forget that we’re giving you the chance to win $2,024! Enter EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! The more entries, the better odds you have at winning! Don’t sleep on this! You know you’ve got credit cards to pay off after the holidays!

Kick butt this weekend! Rest up, relax, or I don’t know… wash your baseboards. They’re probably dirty. <3