MacK’s Recap 2.23.24

Hey there!  It’s me, MacK. I’ve decided to write these with my own “voice” behind the text. & I finally found the correct place to put them.

MacK’s Recap is going to be about things I touched on this week, but I’ll also add in some stuff going on in my personal life.

I asked a question this week based on an article I read. People were listing off some of the “redneckiest” things they’ve done, and to be quite honest, it adds up. Shooting at a woodpecker in your underwear? First, what did that woodpecker do to you? Second, you felt the need to subject the poor bird to your skivvies? Someone else mentioned they’d made a s’more using a Bic lighter. I could get behind that! I mean, why not? BUT THE WORST ONE…. someone cooked roadkill. PUH-LEASE?!??! Absolutely NOT.

You may find this interesting, or fun. I read a story on Vice about a beer can love toy for men. So you can literally bang a beer can if you feel so inclined.

Did you know that the average person spends over 1,000 hours a year in the kitchen? Couldn’t be me and my wife! We…eat out a lot. Lots of takeout and fast food. We’ll do better at some point.

Alright, so enough about that stuff. I’ve gotta get personal now. It’s been a rough week. Wednesday when I went home to let our dogs out, I opened the door to a nightmare. Imagine nickelodeon slime all over your kitchen. Green goop that came out of my dog’s rear end.(Never have either of our dogs gone to the bathroom inside) It was AWFUL. However, I had to do what I had to do, so I cleaned it up and mopped faster than you would if your in-laws were gonna show up in 10 minutes!
I had to go back to work before I missed my next break. When I got home, my wife was there and it still smelled funky. Thought maybe I didn’t clean it well enough. BUT OH NO… that’s not it. There was MORE. It was on the hallway rug (threw it away), my Twitch stream room floor, and SOMEHOW… some was on our bedroom wall. I know right? Make it make sense.
We cleaned for hours that night. Scrubbed. We tossed our clothes and showered immediately. Unfortunately, Vaeda (dog) couldn’t have dinner that night. We had to let her tummy settle over night.
This little girl got us up every 1-2 hours to go outside. Which was fine because if we get up, it’s not going to be in our house. That pattern of needing to go out continued all day on Thursday. So we made her boiled chicken, rice, and pumpkin for dinner. (Vet’s order) She’s now on a probiotic at this point as well.

Thursday night she got me up at about 1:30 to go outside. She ran from our room right through the kitchen and to the back door. But our male dog, Lucas, stopped in his tracks right before entering the kitchen. Why? Oh, because Vaeda had splat right in the entry way. Real cute huh? I let her stay outside while I cleaned it up and mopped. I let her back in and head to the bathroom myself. Only to find MORE in the hallway. At this point, I almost started crying LOL. I was so tired from the night prior, and my hands are so cracked from scrubbing them like a mad woman!

I cleaned it up as best as I could and put the cleaning products away. It doesn’t end there. After I put stuff away, I noticed splat on the floor trim. Now this will really gross you out, but i literally COULD NOT DEAL. I took my butt back to bed. My alarm went off at 6:45 and I woke up. Surprised, because I always wake up before my alarm goes off. Wife was not in bed…oh no. I notice all the lights are on. She splatted on the living room RUG. Like c’mon! Not another rug!  Thankfully my wife took care of it and saved the rug! (I hope…idk I’m at work still)

Long story short, I’ve been getting text updates nonstop about the waterfall that is coming from the rear end of my dog all day. We know what caused it, so it’s not that BIG of a concern. We just feel bad for her. Oravet dental chews we got from the vet’s office…never again! We love our vet though. Annnddd they probably love us too because we spend a lot of time and money there. They offered to refund us for the chews which was super nice because that paid for the medication she’s now on. I’ll be picking up some more meds for her after work today because the girl can’t seem to stop going!

All I can say is thank goodness it is Friday because I am TIRED. Hahhahahaa!
I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you on Monday at 11am!