MacK’s Recap

Hey, It’s MacK!  If you missed anything this week, here are some things what we talked about!

-After 35 seasons, Homer Simpson will no longer strangle Bart. In a recent episode, he said he doesn’t do that anymore because, quote, “times have changed.” What do we think of this? Is it tradition? Or are we cool with the days of Bart’s strangulations being over? MacK is happy about this move!
-Slipknot dumped their drummer, Jay Weinberg. Heartbroken, or nah?
-A poll found the top foods we don’t want to share are fries, pizza, and ice cream. And half of us would be annoyed if a friend snagged a fry off our plate without at least asking first. Mack says sharing fries is okay, but ice cream? GET OUT. No dairy sharing about these parts!

Hootie and the Blowfish are going on tour with Collective Soul and Edwin McCain. They’ll hit Michigan at Pine Knob in June of 2024. MacK just found out in the last year that Hootie…is Darius Rucker. However, would you go see them at Pine Knob?
Next year, Heinz will be releasing a new condiment: PICKLE KETCHUP.  Is this even something we need? Do we just forgo the real crunch of pickles on our burgers now?
A new poll has found that people who LOVE homemade cranberry sauce are more likely to get a cranberry-themed tattoo than people who love canned cranberry sauce. MacK thinks the canned cranberry sauce is disgustingly delicious and would definitely get a tattoo of the can just to disprove this poll!
The news site SFGate just did a big write-up on a longstanding rumor at Disney parks: That people are so desperate to keep their spot in line at certain rides, they sometimes DEFECATE right there on the ground. According to the article, it’s true and happens more than you’d think.” MacK read this and is now going to be on the hunt to find someone crapping in line at Disney when she goes in January!
A deer crashed into a lingerie store in Michigan and trashed the inside of the shop.  Honestly.. you should just watch the video, here 

-“Elf” is 20 years old this year. Did you know that it was originally written in 1993, with Jim Carrey in mind? Also, Will Ferrell really ate all that sugar, including the maple syrup-coated spaghetti and candy.” MacK let everyone know that she did tried noodles with syrup and it actually wasn’t that bad…
-“There’s another dress photo going viral. This one shows a woman trying on a wedding dress in front of two mirrors, which show her arms in different positions. One expert says it’s just a quirk of how cell phones take pictures.” You can see the photo, here. It’s WILD
-Do you remember Darkwing Duck? MacK has had the theme song stuck in her head for WEEKS. When there’s trouble you call DW!

-We all know somebody who does this to their vehicles. However, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is telling people NOT to put pretty rhinestones on their steering wheel, because they can become dislodged in a crash, and poke your eye out.
-“Researchers discovered that young kids who drank caffeinated soda were TWICE as likely to admit to trying alcohol a year later” MacK thinks this is silly. Millennials drank pop well before they should have. Probably at age 6-7. Tell me what 7-8 year olds decided to try alcohol a year later.
Remember yardsticks? Someone brought this up online. Everyone used to have at least one in their home, but now you never see them. If you still have a yardstick in your home, why? And how did you get it?
-A new study found that social media is NOT addictive. While this made no sense at first… the study did say that those who went without it for this study either didn’t care, or actually preferred not being attached to their phones.

-So I guess Travis Barker played drums to his unborn baby’s heartbeat in the hospital. (Was this in the delivery room? Hard to believe they’d allow that. Maybe it was just Kourtney’s room.?? Either way, that’s cool as hell.
-If you are not a veteran, do you tell vets “Thank you for your service?” Do you ever find it awkward when you tell them? If you do, don’t worry. 70% of younger vets find it awkward as well. 24% of older vets do as well.
-Apparently Kmart still exists. MacK had no clue. But i guess they had to pull some festive “ham-bags” off the shelf. (whatever a hambag is..) because it said “Merry Ham-Mas” and people thought it was inappropriate because it looked like “Hamas”. Moral of the story… Kmart is still a thing, and so are… hambags??
-In UNHINGED news, Kraft food wanted Merriam-Webster to make “moist” the “word of the year”. To encourage they do so, Kraft sent them a huge jar of mayonnaise to the front steps of the headquarters. WHY? hahahaha