MacK’s Recap!

-Bart Simpson will no longer suffer the strangulations by his father, Homer. After 35 long seasons, Homer decided that “times have changed”. What do you think? I’m happy for Bart tbh. Hopefully he can speak to a trauma therapist.
-Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian’s son Rocky was born. Some people care more than others about this. Me? I don’t know, but the name choice is pretty solid!
-In less happy news, Slipknot dropped their drummer, Jay Weinberg.
-Did you hear that they are ACTUALLY working on a low budget “Barbenheimer” film? Apparently it’s about a scientist doll who visits the real worl and sees how awful it is then decided to build a nuclear bomb and blow it up. You could say things are getting pretty weird in the cinematic universe.
-Do you share your food? Apparently the top foods most people don’t want to share are fries, pizza, and ice cream. FRIES?? Easy finger food to share. PIZZA? You can’t offer up a single slice to your buddy? I’m going to stop it at ice cream, though. AINT NO WAY we are sharing dairy.

-I only wanna be with youuUUuuUu! Hootie and the Blowfish are going on tour with Collective Soul and Edwin McCain! They’ll be stopping in Michigan at Pine Knob in June. I didn’t find out until sometime this year that Hootie…is Darius Rucker. How did I go so long not putting two and two together?
-Are you a pickle freak? Chances are high, I bet. Good news for you then because in 2024, Heinz is going to start selling Pickle Ketchup. Is this necessary? I don’t believe so. Do we just not use the real delicious crunch of a real pickle anymore? I’m gonna pass on that!
-I am going to Disney Land in California in January! Exciting, right? I get to go see one of my very best friend’s in AZ, and then we’re driving to CA! However…. I read this week that it is not uncommon for people to drop a turd while waiting in line for rides. Yeah, you read that right. I mean, who has that kind of confidence? Who thinks “I gotta poop so bad…but i don’t want to get out of line… so I’ll just shake it down my pant leg..?” I’ll be on turd alert the entire day.
-A deer crashed into a lingerie store in Michigan…just watch the video here.

-If you’ve been following the story of Manny, Manuela, sweet baby girl Manny the Praying Mantis…first of all, why not? A praying Mantis showed up at my house back in the summer. It was HUGE. But it didn’t stay too long. Well, this one?? Manny? She’s been around for a couple of months now. I’ve been trying to get her into a terrarium to take her inside for warmth, but she’d rather hangout on the window screen outside. So far, she hasn’t frozen. But keep up with the Manny Chronicles on my personal Instagram – @KenziCopter
-Can you believe that the movie ELF is 20 years old this year? It’s kind of getting annoying how fast time is flying by. I did try syrup on spaghetti noodles before though. It’s honestly not that bad.
-Remember the dress controversy? Is it blue and black? Or is it white and gold? It’s for sure blue and black. BUT… did you see this new dress controversy? A glitch in the matrix, perhaps? Check out the photo, here
-Did you every watch Darkwing Duck when you were a kid? I sure as hell did and I have had the theme song stuck in my head for MONTHS. “Darkwing duck!! when there’s trouble you call DW!”

-It’s either you, or you know somebody who puts rhinestones on their steering wheel. Let me tell you about that. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is telling people NOT to do that. Why? Well, it’s possible that they can become dislodged if you’re in a crash and literally poke your eye out. I mean… You only life once I guess? Do as you please.
-Tell me why researchers are finding that young kids who drink caffeinated soda are TWICE as likely to try alcohol a year later. I don’t recall being 7 or 8 and tying my first beer, but who knows! What do you think about that?
-Yo, this is a core memory for me. YARDSTICKS. Do you remember them being everywhere? Every classroom? At home? Tell me why I never see them anywhere anymore. Where did they all go? Do you still have one? Who gave it to you because I know they aren’t just flying off shelves.
-Apparently Social Media is NOT addictive. I read this study that was done and when people were not able to use social media, they either didn’t care, or they actually preferred spending little to no time on the apps! This surprised me as i feel that so many of us open our phones to scroll every 5 to 10 minutes.

-I got one hand in my pocket, an the other one is flicking a cigarette! I am super pumped about this! Alanis Morissette is going on tour next Summer with Joan Jett! Have you seen Alanis live before? Would you want to? I WOULD!
-Do you ever feel awkward or uncomfortable telling a veteran “Thank you for your service.”? Come to find out, 70% of younger vets and military personnel feel awkward on their end! This is what shocked me though. 25% of older vets also find it uncomfortable. Will you still do it anyway? I think it’s been ingrained in my brain to always say it.
-There are still Kmarts. I had no idea. This actually blew my mind. What else blew my mind is there is such a thing called “hambags”. What the eff is a hambag? I’m just guessing it’s something you put ham in? To carry it around? Anyway, Kmart had some that said “Merry Ham-Mas” on them. They pulled them off the shelves though because people pointed out that it looked like it said “Hamas”.
-In UNHINGED news, the Kraft food company really wanted Merriam Webster to make “moist” it’s “Word of the Year”. Why? I have no idea. But here is the UNHINGED part: Kraft sent a giant jar of mayo to the front steps of Merriam Webster headquarters. BUT WHY?! HAHAHA

And that’s THAT on MacK’s Recap! Have a great weekend!