Forget “The Sickness,” David Draiman is down with the Swiftness.

The Disturbed frontman proclaimed his Taylor Swift fandom during a recent concert after the crowd had a less-than-favorable reaction to mention of the pop superstar.

Draiman gave Swift a shout-out as he was checking on a fan standing in the front row who he thought wasn’t having a good time.

“Literally she’s got a look on her face like her boyfriend brought her to the wrong godd*** concert,” Draiman said. He then added, “I mean, I know this isn’t Taylor Swift, but, you know, we’re doing our best.”

When some boos wafted from the audience, Draiman proclaimed, “Shut the f*** up, Taylor Swift kicks f****** a**.”

You can watch video of the interaction now via Disturbed’s TikTok.

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